The Isle aux Mort Boys

The Isle Aux Morts Boys band members are Joshua Skinner - Lead Guitar, Barry Coleman - bass guitar, Freeman Walters - Accordion/Harmonica and Melvin Rose - Vocals and Rhythm guitar.

The band got their start back in the early 70's with the help of manager Joe Lawrence. They were known then as Ocean Fancy. Around 1973 they recorded an album in St. Johns with Audat Records, out of Ontario.

Ocean Fancy consisted of Joshua Skinner, Barry Coleman, Harold Osmond, Jerome Pearce and Lloyd Strickland. They were an household name until 1978 when the band members moved on. About this time Joshua and Barry teamed up with Keith Ball, Raymond Osmond and Donnie Hodder to form the Leftover Band. They played together until around 1986 when Freeman Walters Joined the band.

In October of 1987 The Isle Aux Morts Boys were formed and went down to Belleoram and recorded an Album, "My Newfoundland Shore".

In the next three years the band would produce three cassette tapes, My Island Home, #3 and Sweetest of all. (Records by now are a thing of the past.) This time they recorded in their own studio in Isle Aux Morts.

The band would produce one more Tape, "If I won the lotto",before Keith Ball would move to Halifax and from there to Fort St. John, B.C.

Melvin Rose joined the band officially around 1998. Today the band is working on a new CD, which will be Melvin's first recording.

Joshua and Barry played music with Keith for about 20 years, and always dreamed of the day they would have a reunion, but Keith died March 1st, 2002 at the young age of 45 years. No one loved singing and living here in Nfld, more than Keith, but he was forced to move with the codfish closure. Most of Keith's family lives in Halifax. He is sadly missed, but his singing lives on with the Five Tapes he recorded with the Isle Aux Morts Boys.

The band still plays all the songs that Keith made an household name, and you'll hear Keith sing a new song on the bands new CD.